At Beyond Law we recognise that during times of difficulty, you need a solicitor who can offer more than just the basics. The stress of legal proceedings and family problems can be a heavy weight to bear, and often has a damaging effect on your personal wellbeing. For this reason, we offer all of our clients access to a comprehensive range of free and complimentary wellness packages designed to help you be at your best, whilst our expert solicitors get to work on putting things right.

As a client of our firm, you can choose up to three of these complimentary packages; one upon joining the firm following your initial face to face meeting, one at any point during your time at the firm and a final package upon the conclusion of your matter, helping you to kick start your new life in the best possible way.

Wellness Packages

How does it work?

Upon booking your first face-to-face consultation, simply select your first choice of wellness package from the drop-down menu on our booking form. Our team will quickly be in contact to arrange your consultation at a time that suits you. Alternatively, you can mention your preferred package to staff when you book your appointment. After your appointment has taken place, we will send you everything you need to access your chosen package.

Your second wellness package can be accessed at any time of your choosing once you are a client of the firm. You will simply need to mention your choice to us and we will send you your package.

Finally, upon the conclusion of your matter and the closing of your file with us, we will help you to kick off your new life with a third complimentary package of your choosing.