Better Divorce



A divorce can very often be one of the most challenging times in a person’s life; but it doesn’t have to mean a fight to a bitter end and years of expensive legal proceedings. At Beyond Law we are committed to finding a resolution as quickly and painlessly as possible whilst ensuring that our clients get the results they need.

We maintain a reputation for excellence through combining years of experience and in-depth legal knowledge with a caring and honest approach, and our determination to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients is realised in our exceptional 91% success rate and 98% review rating.


Divorce Coaching

We offer all of our clients divorce coaching. Wherever you are in your Divorce Journey, it can be helpful to be aware of what each stage involves. Having an effective Divorce Support Team can be very useful, enabling you to feel secure and looked after throughout the whole process. That is the main aim of our divorce coaches. The secondary goal of our divorce coaches is to make sure that you are in a good place once your divorce has been finalised. This means that they give you tips and advice to meet your social, mental and physical well-being goals.